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Do you offer gluten-free or no/low-sugar baked goods options?

We currently do not have anything listed on the menu for gluten-free and/or no/low-sugar options. However, please call or email us with your request and we will try to accommodate!

Can I use cash, check, or card to pay for my Baked Goods Box delivery or pick-up?

In order to protect everyone and maintain the highest standards possible for social distancing and delivery during COVID-19 we unfortunately DO NOT accept cash, card, or check payments at this time. 

How do I request catering?

You can request catering by visiting our "Request Catering" page. Please include all pertinent information when sending your request - name, event type, estimated number of attendees, and/or any dietary or menu specifications/requests.

Do you offer online purchasing and delivery of any food items other than baked goods?

We do not offer online purchasing and delivery of any other Judy Gurnee Catering menu items. This is due to health safety concerns as well as order volume control.

I want to learn more about cooking and using farm to table ingredients. Do you lead workshops?

We are currently working on building a culinary training facility at Bittergreen Farm.

Our Farm to Table Blog offers tips, information, recipes, and resources for cooking, baking, self-sustainability, and getting farm fresh ingredients.

If you are interested in taking lessons or want to arrange a lesson for a group, please email us at:

Do you have a Vegan menu?

We offer several vegan options outlined on our menus, along with vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. We also take recipe requests and can create a custom dish for your needs. We would be happy to customize any dish for a vegan or other special diet.

Does sending in a Catering Request mean that I have booked you for catering?

Sending in a Catering Request does not mean you have booked your catering.

Once you send a request and we receive it, we will then set a date and time that will fit your schedule for a consultation - either consulting in person or via phone.

We do this to avoid double-bookings and to ensure that no request is lost. This consultation is how we get to know you, our client, and your needs so that we can ensure a successful catering event for you. 

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