Total Amount includes selected Food/Drink multiplied by Number of Meals Ordered
 6% Kentucky State Sales Tax, servers, and any additional services

Deposit of one 1/2 of the TOTAL AMOUNT will be Due
30 calendar days before the date of your Event
Remainder is due and payable on the day of Event

There is a 75% charge if event is cancelled within 20 calendar days of the event date

Use the links below to view our Wedding Menu Options or to Request Catering


All menu prices exampled below are for a Minimum of 50 people - priced per person

Prices for smaller groups are available and quoted individually

Listed Entrée prices include 2 Sides, 1 Salad & 1 Bread option per meal.

Single Entrée: Vegetarian or Vegan

$20.00 per person

Single Entrée: Pork or Chicken

$25.00 per person

Single Entrée: Beef or Salmon

$35.00 per person

Choice of Two Entrées: Pork, Chicken, Vegan or Vegetarian

$32.00 per person

Choice of Two Entrées - with Beef or Salmon as One Option

$38.00 per person

Additional Side Dishes, Desserts & Salads

$2.50 per person

Lemonade, Limeade or Citrus Water with Ice

$1.50 per person

Iced Tea - Sweetened, Unsweetened, or Herbal with Ice & Sweeteners

$1.50 per person

Coffee Bar & Accompanying Set-Up

$2.00 per person

Servers - Fully Trained, Experienced & Uniformed; Minimum of 2 for Event Catering Duration

$100.00 each

Delivery Fee